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Happy Virgo season! Enjoy this short astrology meditation to connect to the energy of Virgo and its counterpart in the tarot, The Hermit. Support on Patreon to access the new Queen of Swords embodied tarot class. Learn more about my tarot offerings here. You can receive signup information for this transformational portal experience by signing up for her newsletter on her website.

Find her on Instagram here! Intersectional herbalist and witch Alexis Cunningfolk of Worts and Cunning Apothecary joins Living Open to talk about their journey to witchcraft and herbalism, intersectional herbalism, their struggles and work around being seen especially as an online business owner, astroherbology, herbs to work with for Virgo season which starts August 23rd! Follow me on Instagram here and you can learn more about my tarot, reiki, and breathwork offerings here.

Follow Lindsay on Instagram here. Follow Eryn on Instagram here. I've talked a lot about being seen this year on the podcast, because this podcast is of course shaped by my life and practice and what I'm going through. In this bonus episode, I share how I use tarot as a tool to uncover what's blocking me from being seen and some tarot allies for being seen!

Spirit Guide Coach and Founder of Spirit House Collective Aja Daashuur joins the Living Open podcast for an incredible conversation on communicating with your spirit guides and embracing your magic. Support the podcast on Patreon or book a tarot reading with me.

Enjoy this channeled visualization meditation to help you embody the Magician's powerful manifesting energy.

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Follow me on Instagram here. Clairvoyant tarot reader and visual artist Mary Grisey joins Living Open to talk about mediumship, tarot, and creating channeled art. Check out Mary's mystical work here and her artwork here. Follow her on Instagram here. In this episode, I share about something that recently happened to me and how I'm working to heal from it. If you're going through something, I hope this episode makes you feel less alone and maybe gives you some new ideas for ways to care for yourself, re-establish a sense of safety, and feel supported.

Stay connected on the website: www. Reiki practitioner and family constellations facilitator Marine Selenee joins Living Open to share what family constellations is, how she has personally worked with it to heal the cycles of trauma in her own family, and how you can use it too to break free from unconscious family patterns. We talk about working with the inner child, living with the moon, using reiki energy healing, how family trauma manifests in specific areas of the body, and turning pain into purpose.

The Hindu goddess Kali Ma is all about transformation, and as the counterpart of Shiva the destroyer she brings death to ego and attachment that creates enlightenment and freedom. She can be seen as fierce, divine feminine, warrior energy, a manifestation of Shakti. She can be scary because she brings change.

She reminds us that everything in life is a cycle: the old must be cleared out for the new to come in. Change brings your evolution. Birth and death are natural cycles of life, and we must allow them to happen. I cut him off.. Weasels always hide things oh well I'm more of a raccoon myself I like to wet my food before partaking. Also I'm a germafobe lol.

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Don't know what kind of blackmagic it is All this "twinflame " bullshit too All they're doing is meeting up with their spiritual warfare foe. That's my opinion anyways. Not "narcissists" though are they So SO surprised none of the tarot watching community haven't clocked onto this yet ffs!

I've been going in cycles with the same person for years. Long distance relationship that ended in a bad and painful way because there's trust issues because of the distance. I'm the crosswatcher. I'm hiding my feelings because I still love him deeply but I feel it's a toxic relationship and it brings me so much pain everytime I take him back.

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I broke it off in April and since I've been trying to be strong and not reach out to him, not call him, nothing. It's killing me Inside.

We were going to get married but had trust issues because I felt he was still intimate with his ex wife while I was away. Oh god, I really hope he moves out of the country! I hope he moves to the sun or hell would be nice for toxic Gemini. He is definitely an actor putting on a show for social media. I don't care about him and cut him off weeks ago. Good riddance. Lonely Gemini doing this with lovely Aquarian male. Uncertain of the future and standing back from forming a passionate attachment, until we meet in person.

He has so much certainty about our connection, mostly I do not want to hurt him. There is a lot of synchronicity with the Gemini reading. Thanks again, Beautiful One Air signs are lovers and healers and loyal and understanding sometimes to a fault. I cherish the connection to the Aquarian men I have known. Stay close to your Gem friend. We need each other :. Alexandra , thank you for this amazing reading!

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Everything you said is absolutely right! He's from Leo. It seemed that you knew that person. I was impressed!

This is really relatable. Could this be Aquarius himself? Im a crosswatcher and IT sounds so much like him. No growth and I told him he is hiding yesterday. I love him but he does not want us to grow. Stagnancy on all levels. This is my ex and I have tried 2 times with him now. He only wants to restrict. Im guessing he at least has dismissive avoidant attachment style.. I am pulling back now, told him i will keep my options open because I want a serious committed relationship and a best friend.

Sunniva Munkelien definitely Aquarius as a cross watcher also. Until she brought out the clarifier and I saw it was me Accurate readings ,always! Thank you so much. I need to release this person and move forward. Bessings to you a Thousand Fold. Your every line resonates with my story. I don't know why my partner libra is acting this way. We were in a relationship for 4.