Aquarius and aquarius venus compatibility

They should also appreciate and reciprocate the courage it takes this sign to be intimate. Loving someone with Venus in Sagittarius can be an adventure. This is reflective of the sign itself: they can be full of contradictions, but overall, a long-term relationship with this sign needs time and space to grow. Their partner is bound to be transformed. Their partner needs to be resilient and willing to go on journeys. They also need to provide an anchor for this Venus sign, as they can get stuck in the clouds and try to run the second reality hits hard. This sign in Venus is chill, but future-oriented.

They are not overly expressive with their love, but if they let you know they want you in their life, the right partner can pick this up as a rather romantic gesture. An ideal partner should also have plenty of goals and self-motivation to achieve them. They should not try to rush things, though perhaps they can bring some more warmth to the relationship. People with their Venus sign in Aquarius can be surprising, even rebellious when it comes to their love life. They want something unique and unexpected.

Venus in Aquarius is liberal-minded in the traditional sense of the phrase; they will give anything and everything a chance, breaking most to all rules along the way. This sign is most compatible with another who understands their lack of emotional display. This air sign also needs space to breathe at times. Love from someone with their Venus in Pisces is special: their love is unconditional. They are the romantic type, and can be sensitive lovers. The best matches for this sign are others who appreciate romance and can give them those grand gestures through poetry and such Venus and Pisces desires.

They should also be open to spontaneity. Aquarius in love Venus brings an original, totally independent outlook to relationships. There's a good chance that you'll make surprising choices in love. The social label on them by race, class, religion, is as ephemeral to you as someone's hair color. This gives your love life the look of unconventionality, and you may end up shocking people in the process! The Venus Aquarius Woman defies convention.

What Venus Signs Say About Relationships - Venus Compatibility

A man with Venus Aquarius respects free thinkers and women who let their freak flag fly! In same gender relationships, this is the Venusian expression, of the feminine, creativity and being in love with life. You need a lot more space than most people, and don't want to be bound up, or merge, or anything codependent like that. You're a sampler and a friendly group-oriented person that feels more at home in a small clique.

It's important to be with someone whose mind is as quirky as yours, and that won't judge your far-out ways. You may appear aloof when dating since the intimate encounter is at odds with your nature. But you'll respond to an intelligent, fair-minded person that lets you go off on your own most of the time.

It's possible that you're a member of a few different groups, clubs or cliques of like-minded people. You might even meet a lot of people through activism since you don't shy from promoting a cause you believe in.

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At the same time, you're an emotional loner and might balance the two by being alone in a bustling, active place. Her place in your horoscope is the baseline for how you care for others. Everyone shows love differently, but looking at your Venus sign reveals your style of affection. Does a quick thinking-of-you text make your day every time?

Venus in Taurus (Domicile)

Love to give and receive a good hug? Venus in super-physical Taurus could explain that. You can find out more about your friendships and office dynamics this way too. Then read the guide to understanding your style below. Happy stargazing! If you have Venus in Aries, you love having people in your life that you can compete with. In relationships, your Venus in Aries falls hard and fast, but moves on just as quickly. For best results, find someone who can match your appetite for novelty.

If you have Venus in Taurus, you need people in your life that love creature comforts as much as you do. Good food, good wine, and good company is your motto, and you get along best with people who share your appreciation for the finer things in life. As a friend, your no-nonsense advice wins over just about anybody.

If you have Venus in Gemini, you love to talk. Chatting about everything under the sun with friends and colleagues is your way of showing you care. In relationships, you need someone who is going to take care of you as much as you do for them. If you have Venus in Leo, you want love to be a spectacle.

Venus in Aquarius

Your closest friends will be ones who are proud to share the spotlight with you. You get along best with people who understand your low-key style of relating. A quiet cup of coffee and an intellectual discussion are way more your style than an Instagram-worthy outing.