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You'll find that life moves forward at a steady pace, even if you take a breather. You're working hard and you'd like help, but your coworkers, friends or family members keep gallivanting off on adventures. What's gotten into everyone? The whole world is in a festive mood. Why don't you stop worrying and join them? Of course, if you're simply more comfortable focusing on your responsibilities, use your extra energy to get everything in order.

Just don't judge anyone else for wanting to be out having fun. You're filled with energy and in a great mood today, and it's a great time to gather together with friends. You may even meet some new, interesting people when you're out and about. Seek out new experiences, like enjoying exotic cuisine or an exhibit of work by an artist you aren't familiar with. The focus today is on celebrating new experiences, and you're more than happy to follow that trend.

Being a perfectionist at heart, you're probably running around today like the proverbial headless chicken, trying to get every little detail right in whatever you're working on. But there's no need to drive yourself crazy. Life isn't supposed to be this hectic. Try focusing on your family and friends instead of on some idea of perfection that probably doesn't matter to anyone but you.

Enjoy yourself, Virgo. You deserve it. You're in a wonderful mood, because your energy is high and you're warm hearted and friendly. This is the perfect mindset for sharing extra affection with your loved ones. You're creating good feelings all around, simply by being kind.

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Give everyone your warmest smile today. You're sure to lift their spirits. Whatever you're up to today, try to function as part of a team instead of imposing your ideas and expectations on everyone else. Your ideas are often good ones, but today should be about togetherness and high spirits, not bossiness or control. Here's a good way to challenge yourself: Instead of asserting your own point of view, cooperate with someone else's vision, and throw yourself into bringing it alive.

Now, doesn't that feel good? How wonderful -- today marks a brand-new personal cycle for you! You're feeling energetic, warm hearted and optimistic, and you're most definitely in the mood for some fun. Expose yourself to as many different experiences and influences as possible, in order to broaden your vision of life.

The world is in a festive mood, but that doesn't mean your work load will ease up to accommodate any gatherings you're expected to attend. In fact, work could feel like an even bigger pressure if you don't have as much time to devote to it as usual. But this is no time to get stressed out over your many responsibilities. Make a firm, conscious decision to relax and enjoy the fun, lighthearted vibe surrounding you.

You're in a warm and idealistic mood, perfect for gathering with your friends and loved ones. Your energy is high and you aren't content with lounging on the couch at home, so this is no time to go it alone.

Explore your total self today. Your native intelligence shines today. It's a wonderful day for a job interview, a presentation or any other situation in which you hope to impress someone.

But it's not about gaining distinction. You don't care about recognition. You care about changing the world for the better. Toward that end, resolve to do at least one thing today to improve conditions for someone else. Widespread change begins with one small step.

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Today, going along with the crowd might seem like the worst kind of surrender. Giving in to the group makes you feel downright mutinous. But what, exactly, are you rebelling against? What's so wrong with agreement and cooperation? These are good questions to ask yourself, especially when you find yourself being contrary for no reason other than to prove you're an individual. The truth is, no one doubts that but you. Welcome to a wonderfully atypical day. It's a great time to court odd experiences that broaden your mind and challenge your perspective.

And if you can bring a friend along, so much the better! Today's events are definitely better when shared with like minds. But if you do go solo, you'll have stories to share later on. You can still make people laugh and think, even if they weren't there. Your friends and colleagues know you as a traditional, hardworking type of person. But today, you have a chance to show them your radical side. And yes, you do have one! Especially now, when your thinking is truly inspired. Innovative ideas form seemingly out of the blue -- especially when you're engaged with other people on a project.

Something about working with other people really stimulates your creativity now.

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It's a good day to gather with old friends, or to make new ones. You're a bit of a loner at times, but now you should certainly be around other people. That's the best way to stimulate your creativity. And creativity is especially important now, since a new personal cycle begins for you today. It's time to look forward to the next month. Begin formulating an innovative plan or a blueprint for a new project. Today you have a vision -- a beautiful idea of the future, of a better world that you can help create. Keep this image in mind as you go throughout your day.

And look for opportunities to make it a reality.

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